Fanfiction starring Zellas as a main character is few and far between, so it's a special treat when I find some- and even better when I find some really good ones! Archived here for your reading pleasure are my personal favorites!

How Terim Met Zellas
By: Theria and SephZero
Genre: Humor
Summary: When Terim met Zellas, it was love at first sight. When Zellas met Terim, she figured he was just a very annoying human that she could easily kill. But Zellas thought wrong, much to her eternal frustration! Is the way to revenge really through a man's heart, or will Terim have the last laugh?
Part 1: The Meeting
Part 2: Asking Out
Part 3: The Date
Part 4: The Answer
Part 5: The Wedding
Part 6: The Honeymoon
Part 7: Epilogue

By: Metranome
Genre: Speculative Drama
Summary: A very well-written speculation of how Xelloss may have come into being.

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