Zellas is technically a minor character, so pictures of her are hard to come by. However, I have managed to scrounge up a few, and here they are!

An official picture of Zellas from novel #15, accompanied by Deep Sea Dolphin. Scanned by yours truly. If you'd like a higher-quality version of this scan, you can email me.

A full-body scan of Zellas in wolf form, including wing detail. This is from one of the many art books.

Zellas in her wolf form from the NEXT opening, accompanied by Xelloss up front. If you look closely, you can see that her right eye is deformed or scarred in some way.

Zellas in her human form, again accompanied by Xelloss. She looks good in blue, don't you think?

This image is very controversial. Some people say it's official, others insist that it's not. I say it's not, but either way, it's still Zellas.

Zellas's only human appearance in the anime, her legs take a starring role in the closing of TRY. ^_^

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