There are many misconceptions about Zellas, and this is where I try my best to sort them all out.

Misconception #1: Zellas is best friends with Luna Inverse.
Incorrect. That's only a fan rumor spawned by this picture. The wolf in that image is not Zellas but Dilgear, whom Luna took in and named Spot. As far as anyone knows, Zellas and Luna have never even come into contact.

Misconception #2: Zellas hates Deep Sea Dolphin and drove her insane.
In truth, when Deep Sea Dolphin appears in the novels, she is not only perfectly sane, but she appears beside Zellas. The two seem to have a working relationship and tolerate each other on a business level.

Misconception #3: Zellas's wolf form has wings and tentacles.
Zellas's wolf form has one wing and no tentacles. For a full description, go here.

Misconception #4: Zellas found Xelloss as a human and turned him into his servant.
Maybe, but very improbable. Mazoku are created when a more powerful mazoku breaks off a part of their own astral form and creates a new being. It's never discussed if there's any other way to create a mazoku. Though it may be possible, there is also a huge amount of evidence that he was created by Zellas just as all other Priests and Generals for the five mazoku lords were created. However, it can be fun to play around with the idea of Xelloss having once been human.

I'll add more if I find any, and if you have any questions, you can drop me a line.

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