Basic Profile

Name: Zellas Metallium
Alternate Spellings: Xellas, Zelas, Xelas, Zerasu
Titles: Juuou (Beast King), Juujinkan (Beast Master), Greater Beast
Species: Mazoku
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde or Silver
Eye Color: Unknown
Unique Characteristics: In wolf form, her right eye is deformed
Spells: Zellas Brid (Zellas Bleed)

Zellas has a reputation of being very mysterious. Her intentions for Lina-tachi (Lina and her group of friends), and for the world in general, are unknown and carefully guarded by both herself and her priest, Xelloss.

What we do know is this: Zellas has two separate forms from which she switches back and forth as she pleases. The first is that of a very large, armored wolf with bird wings and a damaged right eye. The other is that of an attractive, "keen-looking" human woman. In her opening and closing sequence cameos in the anime, she has tan skin and long blond or silver hair. In the manga she has what appears to be light skin and medium-length blond hair. Her human face is never seen in the anime, and in fact, is only seen once anywhere, in the 15th volume of the novels.

As one of the five mazoku lords under Ruby-Eyed Shabrinigdo, Zellas is very powerful and very cunning. She resides on Wolf Pack Island, the exact location of which is unknown. A common rumor, sprung by this picture, is that she is friends with Luna Inverse, the knight and sworn protector of the Mazoku's enemy race, the Ryuuzoku. Now wouldn't that just be the height of irony? However, the wolf in that picture is not actually Zellas, but Dilgear, whom Luna apparently took in and named Spot after TRY.

Zelas Brid (zerasu buriddo)
Also known as: Zelias-Bleed, Zelas Bleed
Category: Black / Offensive

A thin band of light, more powerful than Dynast Brass, moves in any direction the caster wills toward the target. The basic structure of this spell is similar to that of Balus Rod. This is a good example for showing how the power of the spell depends on how powerful a being is called upon.*

Unfortunately, I don't know of any other spells that call on Zellas's power. There may be some, but I haven't found any information on them.

*Spell information borrowed from

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