Zellas's most well-known follower is, of course, Xelloss. Xelloss is commonly mistaken for both Zellas's priest and general, but in fact, he only officially holds the title of priest. The reason for the misconception is easily understood though, since unlike the high-ranking servants of other mazoku lords, Xelloss has no partner in crime. He is the sole high-ranking servant of Zellas, with no accompanying general, but he was given enough power to fill both roles. Xelloss therefore has twice the power of any other mazoku of his rank. It's easy to assume that he is both priest and general since he technically fills both positions, but he's really only a priest.

Xelloss was created by Zellas, or came into Zellas's service at an unknown time, but it's commonly assumed that he's at least a couple thousand years old, since he fought in the Kouma Wars. He is undoubtedly loyal to Zellas, as it commonly goes that the more power a mazoku is given by his or her master, the more loyal they are. It could also be assumed that Xelloss is the most loyal of all mazoku servants of his rank.

Seigram was once a minor servant of Zellas's, but he betrayed her in favour of serving Gaav. During the Halcyform fiasco, Seigram had his own agenda apart from Zellas's direct orders (his loyalty was lacking, to say the least). When Lina defeated Halcyform, she ruined Seigram's plans, but Seigram was unable to kill her due to the Beastmaster's orders to keep Lina alive. The only way to solve this dilemma was to remove himself from Zellas's service in order to be free to exact his revenge on Lina. However, a minor, masterless, traitor of a mazoku isn't a very good thing to be, so he became the servant of Gaav, a mazoku who would allow him to kill Lina while also granting him protection from mazoku like Xelloss, who may have been ordered to kill Seigram for betraying Zellas.

These are the only two of Zellas's followers that we currently know of.

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